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May is Older Americans Month!

Senior friends

During May, the U.S. recognizes and honors the valuable contributions of older persons to their communities.

How much do you know about today's seniors? Try your hand at this trivia quiz. (Find the answers below.)

1.  The word that means "a person of 100 years" is:

a. Centurion
b. Centigrade
c. Centenarian

2. How many people over 100 live in the U.S. today?

a. 5,500
b. 64,000
c. 96,000

3. Which state has the highest percentage of people over 65?

a. West Virginia
b. Florida
c. Alaska
d. Pennsylvania

4. What percentage of the U.S. population is over 65?

a. 6%
b. 13%
c. 24%

5. What negative health issue is on the increase among seniors?

a. Obesity
b. Smoking
c. Chronic illness

6. Which condition is most common in older adults?

a. Loss of hearing
b. Visual problems
c. Loss of all teeth

7. Which of these things is not related to healthy aging?

a. Exercise
b. Travel
c. Medical Care
d. Diet

8. Which country has the highest number of adults over 65?

a. Argentina
b. Norway
c. U.S.
d. Italy

9. Which age group votes at the highest rate?

a. 18-24
b. 45-54
c. 65 – 74
d. 75 +

10. Which form of exercise is most important for seniors?

a. cardiovascular
b. weight training
c. aerobic
d. all of the above


Answers to "May Is Older Americans Month Quiz":

  1. c. Centenarian

  2. c. 96,000— and the U.S. Census Bureau projects that there will be up to a million centenarians by the middle of this century!

  3. b. Florida. (West Virginia and Pennsylvania are 2nd and 3rd, with Alaska at 50th.)

  4. b. 13%

  5. a. Obesity in older adults has doubled in the last 25 years. (Smoking has actually decreased, and proportionally, fewer older adults have chronic illnesses.)

  6. a. Loss of hearing

  7. b. Travel

  8. d. Italy, with almost 20%. (Norway =14%; U.S. = 12%; Argentina = 10%)

  9. c. 65-74 years (at 63%). 75+ comes in a close second (at 58%).

  10. d. All of the above.

Older Americans Month logo

Since 1963, Older Americans Month has been a great time to salute our seniors and bring attention to the issues that affect older adults. This year's theme is "Living Today For a Better Tomorrow." The U.S. Administration on Aging reminds us that we, as a nation, can work together to give older adults the tools they need to make healthy decisions.


Right at Home is a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for those we serve. We fulfill that mission through a dedicated network of locally owned, franchised providers of in-home care and assistance services.

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May is Older Americans Month!
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