10 Questions to Ask Before Your Hospital Discharge


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This patient can't wait to get home after her surgery. What should she know to ensure a continued successful recovery once she's there?

As you prepare to be discharged after a hospitalization, the thought of recuperating at home may seem overwhelming. Here are 10 questions to ask your medical team:

  1. Is there someone who will advocate for my care as I transition home?
  2. Do I need any kind of care after my hospital stay?
  3. What medications should I take, and what medication schedule should I follow at home?
  4. What activities am I allowed to do and what activities should I avoid?
  5. Do I have any dietary restrictions or nutritional requirements?
  6. What medical equipment will I need at home?
  7. Do I have follow-up medical appointments, and when are those?
  8. What resources are available to help with my care at home?
  9. Will I be hearing from anybody else from the hospital, and when would I expect to hear from them?
  10. What red flags or changes in my condition should I watch for?
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