Online Buzz: University-Based Retirement Communities Offer an Alternative to Traditional Retirement

Golf, bridge and bingo not exactly on your retirement list? How about football, zoology and theater? A growing number of American seniors are opting out of traditional retirement communities, lush with golf courses and nearby shopping, for university-based retirement communities, or UBRCs.

Nationwide, land developers are now bypassing the fairways and beaches for building entire retirement villages near university and college campuses so seniors can stay connected through continuing education and with the younger generation. Skipping a life immersed in leisure with other retirees, older folks in UBRCs are thriving in interactions with college students and professors. Some retirees mentor students or exercise at the campus fitness center.

Whether sitting in on guest lectures and auditing classes or debating politics at the student center, higher-education-focused seniors enjoy the mental and social challenges of campus life. Many buy homes near their alma mater or near a favorite local community college.

For a list of UBRCs and a checklist to use in choosing a community, visit the Right at Home blog, where you will always find the latest information about senior living and home care.

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