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Staying Safe & Secure

 Home Safety

Fall Prevention Research: The Bad News and the Good News

While our aging population puts more people at risk of falling, experts are learning more about prevention.... Read more

Online Buzz: Prepare Now for Severe Weather

When you need home healthcare, you have enough challenges, but what about when a blizzard, hurricane or other natural disaster comes your way?... Read more

Family Caregivers and the Gun Debate

Most people agree about the need to restrict access to firearms for some people with mental illness. But what about senior loved ones with Alzheimerýs disease or a related condition?... Read more

Online Buzz: Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Right at Home has compiled a useful checklist that family caregivers can use to make senior loved ones' homes safer and more convenient.... Read more

Online Buzz: Compulsive Hoarding

How can family assist a loved one whose health and safety are compromised by the inability to throw things away?... Read more

In-Home Care Supports Senior Fall Prevention

Falls cost our healthcare system billions every year, and rob seniors of their independence. Professional in-home care can help lower the risk of falling.... Read more

Online Buzz: Preventing Nighttime Slips and Falls

The risk of falling is higher at night. Take steps to protect senior loved ones.... Read more

Protect Your Back When Raking Those Fall Leaves

You might be surprised that raking sends many people to the ER each fall.... Read more

When Should People with Alzheimer's Disease Stop Driving?

The American Academy of Neurology has issued new guidelines... Read more

Help Older Adults Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Do you know how to tell the difference between carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and the flu?... Read more

How Healthy is the Air in Your Loved One's Home?

If you're like most Americans, you spend much of your time indoors. Have you ever stopped to think about whether the air you're breathing at home is healthy?... Read more

Survey Finds Home Safety Issues a Difficult Subject to Approach with Seniors

New research commissioned by national nonprofit Home Safety Council and conducted by Harris Interactive found that many caregivers have difficulty discussing critical home safety issues with older adults.... Read more

"Grandchild-Proof" Your Home

Home safety should be a top priority for every senior. And if you are lucky enough to have grandchildrenýor great-grandchildrenýan extra set of precautions should be on your list.... Read more

Home Modifications for "Aging in Place"

The idea of Aging in Place reflects the desire of most seniors to stay in their own homes as long as possible, and to maintain maximum independence. ... Read more

Don't Touch That Dial: Turning Down the Heat to Save Money Could Cost Your Health

Lower in-home temperatures could have serious health implications for seniors, including hypothermia, along with other indoor health risks.... Read more

Home Modifications and Repairs for an Extra Margin of Safety

Many accidents at home are caused by unsafe conditions.... Read more

Home Safety for Alzheimer's Caregivers: Sensory Impairment

Alzheimer's disease can cause changes in the ability to interpret what a person can see, hear, taste, feel, or smell, even though his or her sense organs may still be intact.... Read more

Is Mom's Home Ready For Winter?

As the holiday season approaches, families should set aside time to discuss livability issues and determine what steps, if any, should be taken to improve a senior loved one's home environment in preparation for winter.... Read more

Keep Your Holiday Safe: Practice Safe Decorating

Christmas trees are among the most popular decorations of yuletide, but they also can be deadly.... Read more

Home Safety Checklist for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Prevention begins with a safety check of every room in your home. ... Read more

Fire Safety for People with Disabilities and their Caregivers

Approximately 4,000 Americans die and 20,000 are injured in fires each year. ... Read more

Home Security: Prepare Your Home Before Leaving Home

The Home Safety Council is committed to helping families advance home security. Prepare before leaving home, and take note of the following security tips:... Read more

"Grandchild-Proofing" Inspection Checklist

Give your home a room-by-room ... Read more

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