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Lifestyles & Quality of Life

 Memory Fitness

Online Buzz: Exercise Your Brain After Retirement

After years of working, it might be tempting to give our minds a rest! But neurologists tell us our brains need a regular workout, no matter what our age.... Read more

Dementia and Its Costs Soar Worldwide

The cost of care now surpasses that of cancer and heart disease.... Read more

Online Buzz: Peanut Butter May Help Detect Alzheimer's

A simple new test is based on changes to the sense of smell.... Read more

Online Buzz: Testing for Early Cognitive Troubles

A simple test can detect early signs of cognitive, memory and thinking difficulties, possibly allowing for earlier diagnosis.... Read more

Online Buzz: Early-Life Concussions May Affect Brain Health in Later Years

Serious concussions may affect Alzheimer's risk... Read more

Can Meditation Slow the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease?

A new study shows yet another health benefit of this stress-relieving practice.... Read more

Online Buzz: Alzheimer's Cafes Are Havens of Comfort and Aid

People with dementia and their family members find companionship in a safe, supportive environment.... Read more

"Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me ..."

Are so-called tip-of-tongue lapses a sign of serious memory loss?... Read more

Berry Power!

New research shows strawberries, blueberries and other summer fruit favorites offer nutrients that are great for the brain.... Read more

Little-Known Type of Dementia Affects 1.3 Million Americans

The Lewy Body Dementia Association seeks to increase recognition of this little-known yet increasingly common disease.... Read more

Could Poor Sleep Rob You of Your Independence?

Research shows that healthy aging and sleep quality are closely related.... Read more

Does Forgetting Words Signify the Beginning of Alzheimer's Disease?

When a word is, as the saying goes, right on the tip of your tongue, but you can't readily remember it, should you be worried?... Read more

The Growing Alzheimer's Crisis

This year, the cost of care for people with Alzheimer's disease is expected to reach $200 billion. Researchers and caregivers alike deserve more support.... Read more

Three New Insights About Alzheimer's Disease

Studies show what we think we know about dementia may not always be accurate.... Read more

Can Good Nutrition Protect the Brain?

New studies pinpoint the nutrients that promote a health brain and memory fitness--and one food substance that can damage our brains.... Read more

Is It Time to Spring Clean Your Mind?

New research shows seniors are more likely to experience memory lapses because it is harder to focus on one thing. Here are some tips for cleaning out the mental clutter,... Read more

Delirium Complicates Recovery for Senior Patients

Delirium mimics dementia, but is usually temporary. How can family caregivers support safe recovery when a senior loved one is hospitalized?... Read more

Depression May Double the Risk of Dementia

A new major study confirms that seniors with depression are more likely to later develop Alzheimer's disease.... Read more

Distinguishing "Senior Moments" from Alzheimer's

A new discovery may allow health providers to diagnose Alzheimer's disease earlier... Read more

For In-Home Care Professionals, Increased Emphasis on Brain Health

We now have a greater understanding of lifestyle choices that support memory fitness... Read more

Growing Older Leads to Greater Emotional Stability

Is the grumpy old man stereotype true? Or just a stereotype?... Read more

Test Your Brain Health IQ

How much do you know about your brain and memory? ... Read more

Music, Memory and Emotion

New studies explain why music and memories are so connected in our mind--and how this might somehow offer help for those with dementia.... Read more

"Remember When...?" The Value of Reminiscing

All people reminisce. Remembering times past is a pleasant diversion, stimulates the mind, and helps give us perspective and a sense of who we are. ... Read more

Americans Often Fail to Discuss Memory Concerns with Their Healthcare Providers

An overwhelming number of Americans with memory concerns fail to discuss this health issue with their doctors.... Read more

Active Social Life May Delay Memory Loss

Memory loss can have devastating effects on the quality of life among older people.... Read more

One in Three People Over 70 Have Memory Impairment

More than a third of people over age 70 have some form of memory loss, according to a national study by a team of researchers.... Read more

Help Seniors Keep Watching Their Favorite Programs

Spending a little żcouch potatoż time watching TV is a way that many seniors pass the time pleasantly and stay connected with the outside world.... Read more

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Online Buzz: Exercise Your Brain After Retirement

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